Make Money Online Free: 14 Ways To Get Cash Quickly

There are many legit ways to make money online absolutely free. You don’t need any investments to get that free cash. You do some easy jobs to earn money. Sometimes, the jobs are so simple that following a Twitter account and retweeting a Tweet can get you thousands of dollars. (Case studies shared below). But … Read more

Simple Gold Trading Strategy (It’s 100% Safe And Free)

Disclaimer: Gold Trading is risky and can result in loss; you should trade at your risk. This piece is shared for informational purposes only. We don’t offer financial advice. One of my friends is in gold trading for years. Recently, he turned his 5K account into a 30K account within a month or two with … Read more

Bitcoin Crash Or Dip? It’s Going To Get Crazy This Time

Note: The article was published on Dec 7, 2021. The opinion is almost the same. I didn’t change things much but highlighted points where I was wrong or right. The surprising thing is that many things came true about the Bitcoin market crash. A few things didn’t. For instance, it was the crash, not the … Read more

Beginners Must Check 4 Things Before Investing In Crypto

When it comes to making money online, the easiest thing that comes to mind is crypto day trading. If you learn to trade and you have a reasonable spare amount, you can even 100x your money with crypto. I understand that a huge risk is involved in crypto because of its volatility, but I don’t … Read more

Will Dogecoin Reach $1 or $10? Is This a Good Investment?

As of now, on September 23, we are in the bear market. The bull run might start anytime soon, many coins will likely give over 10x ROI in the following years, and in my opinion, dogecoin will be among the top runners in this bull run. Today, I have discussed why dogecoin’s price will go … Read more

Will Shiba Inu Reach 1 cent or $1? Factual Price Prediction

After dogecoin, Shiba Inu is the second hottest meme coin in the crypto industry. Once again, it’s because of Elon Musk’s support and tweets. Elon Musk claims that he doesn’t hold any Shiba Inu, but he has tweeted about this coin multiple times, giving it fame and hype. So people are expecting its big move … Read more

Bitcoin Bottom Prediction: Here Is A Simple Hack To Find It

trading view bitcoin monthly chart

Everyone wants to know when and where Bitcoin will bottom out, but, in fact, no one exactly knows it. The simple answer is that if anyone knew when Bitcoin would bottom, no one had purchased it before that. For instance, Microstrategy purchased 152,800 Bitcoin at an average price of $29,672. If they knew the bottom, … Read more

How To Choose Profitable Cryptocurrency For Investments?

Before I answer the question of how to choose cryptocurrency for investments, let me guide you on how cryptocurrency will change the world soonest possible. If you have strong plans to invest in crypto, then the best time to invest in a crypto is now. If you are a beginner, then even before this, you … Read more